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46; AB Creative Animation

Animation-Illustration-Interaction: It’s all 3D to us!

ABCreative has years of experience and specialized in-house expertise and knowledge in the making of digital 3D productions. With a personalized approach we individually interpret our client’s expectations leading to the delivery of a specifically tailored product suitable in terms of budget, quality, deadline and application to that client’s needs.

Design and development of project storyboards, 3D animation, 3D artist impressions, 3D modeling for serious gaming, audiovisual and video editing is roughly what we can contribute to your product or company presentation or any other media type projects.

ABCreative has returning customers in The Netherlands, Hong Kong, Spain, UK and elsewhere.

Clients include: Legoland - Port Rotterdam – RobotsRUs - van Egdom - ECT – UnlimitedSnow – Pentarch - HPH Barcelona - Hunter Douglas - Philips Design – Euromax – LGSonic – Aeroview – Siemens – Zeeland Seaports - APM Terminals - DPWorld